Monday, May 4, 2015

High Density Coming Soon To Centerville!

Changes made to our City's Master Plan several years ago in the name of encouraging redevelopment and accommodating a fixed rail system on Main Street have opened the door to high density residential developments that *WILL* fundamentally change the nature of our community. That doesn't have to happen if we pull together and act now.
Two proposals are currently being considered: (1) Brighton Home's Walton Village project (east of Main Street & north of Porter Lane) of more then 50 residential units on less than four acres of land--at more than 15 units per acre, the densest development in Centerville east of I-15--and the Hafoka property near 400 W and Porter Lane, where the same developer wants to increase the density from Medium Density Residential (5-8 units per acre) to High Density Residential (9-12 units per acre) on six acres. These developments may decrease surrounding property values and will significantly increase traffic on surrounding roads, particularly on Main Street near the Junior High, where many kids walk home from school. 

Both developments undermine Centerville's sense of itself, as described in the City General Plan: "The Citizens of Centerville desire to achieve a quality of life that is consistent with ... low density residential development." Section 12-420-1 (emphasis added).

If you oppose new, high density housing in South Centerville, particularly in or around historic areas and what have been, to date, streets full of single family homes, please join us, sign this petition, and help protect the quality of life that we value the most: quiet, family neighborhoods where people move in, stay, and become a part of our community.
Beyond signing the petition, please contact the Centerville City Council and the Planning Commission today and let your voice be heard. Lastly, please SHARE this petition with your friends and neighbors. Let's work together to ensure Centerville's future remains bright! 

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